What is multisite? How to create WordPress multisite network?

What is multisite?

Multisite may come as a complex word to you. Don’t get discouraged! WordPress is your reliable content management pal. There is even more to that with an updated WordPress Multisite. If you want to benefit from convenient functionality and finest theme offerings, this article is for you. 

WordPress Multisite Defined

WordPress Multisite enables users to manage website network from one spot. The extensive network can hold an unlimited number of websites. The Edublogs educational platform manages three million websites at once. Owing to Multisite, WordPress hosts up to 37 million websites. 

Multisite uses MRI Software that provides a single website design for various country-specific URLs. MRI enables to publish content on various sites all at once!

Why Multisite?

Multisite is for you if your business presence online expands and you need to upload content onto several websites, make simultaneous edits. Advanced networking by Multisite enables to create several pages under similar URL, the same theme, and access all plugins through your hosting account. 

If you are a business with multiple websites, you do not need to install WordPress a dozen of times. Multisite comes as a one-time WordPress installation as your unified hosting site. On a single platform, you are free to host and manage million websites just as Edublogs do. 

WordPress Multisite is also about easy website management through multiple access options. Multisite has its own administrator, while a super admin on the main site will access all the content available on your sub-sites. Super admin is a core administrator who manages content throughout the entire network. 

The shared feature of WordPress Multisite enables you to change themes on a major website and the subsites simultaneously. To ease things further, the hosting account can share themes and plugins across the networked sites. Further, website and network administrators can easily install shared plugins across the network.  

What Do We Need To Start?

To manage WordPress Multisite effectively, you are to install several user-friendly plugins: 

  • WordPress Blog Replicator will ease the configuration process to clone several websites out of one and generate a website network for your business.
  • MU Domain Mapping will enable you to map unique domain names across the network.
  • Multisite Content Copier will let you copy content across your shared websites within the network.
  • With Autoblog Plugin, you will post content to multiple sites all at once and manage posts to RSS feeds.
  • Multi-Domains will help you generate an unlimited amount of URLs for your main website, or create new websites.
  • Using cost-effective Multisite tools like MRI Software will expand your online business presence by generating multiple web names.