Why SSL is important for your WordPress site?

Why SSL is important for your WordPress site?

Since 2014, SSL certificates are mandatory for the websites. If you’ve got disappointed with your SEO rankings, SSL certificate comes as a one-size-fit-it-all solution. Not having SSL certificate installed is also why many potential customers bounce back from your website. If you are serious about website security, this chunk of content is for you.

Why SSL?

Encrypted communication between servers and browsers grounds on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The authentic security certificate passes through browser verification.  This means that all the data you send goes through encrypted connection. Your browser will display secure connection by adding http(s) to your website address.

The synergy of Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) aligns HTTP and SSL protocols. This comes as a secure tunnel for data transmission while the SSL encrypts the data in the tunnel. With that, you will save your website from any unauthorized access to the content and communication between the server and the client.

What’s Inside SSL?

SSL certificate encompasses a domain name and a public key, validity, serial number, and signature of a certificate authority. SSL certificates should be renewed while their validity typically lasts up to 90 days. Importantly, Google provides SSL-secured websites with an advanced SERP ranking.

What Do Experts Say?

WordPress co-founder, Matt Mullenweg, acknowledged that the platform will promote only the accounts with SSL website certificates. SSL is also among the WordPress hosting requirements.  

SSL Certificate Benefits

Foremost, SSL is about trust. Every time someone reaches your website, their connection is encrypted and credible. With properly secured activity on your website, you’ll save your users from undetectable and ransomware spyware. With all information encrypted, your website users will never worry about data security against any unauthorized access or attacks SSL certificates will also secure customer personal and financial data, which is critical once you are selling online. To give you peace of mind and avoid any hassle, we enable a free 1-click SSL solution to empower you website with SSL certificate.